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Welcome to the DSKF

Tom  started Karate in 1973 and feels it is very imporant to gain knowledge and experience through karate training and study. So to gain this knowledge he trains with some of the top Masters in the world, with the  ethos of you should never stop learning no matter what level you are.

Tom Renshi has strived to give his students high level training in Shotokan Karate through continuous study and physical development himself.  He has always undertaken physical gradings for self improvement which is a rare achievement nowadays at his level , currently 6th Dan, with so many instructors being awarded grades without having to prove and improve their knowledge and skills.  

Tom Renshi along with teaching the traditional ways of Shotokan through its grading systems also teaches the science behind techniques with use of bio-mechanics to make every technique effective and efficient also enabling the body to train Karate with longevity.  Tom Renshi’s high standards of teaching utilises natural movements and correct postures.  Karate should not damage your body if taught and trained correctly!  He also believes that every technique within Karate is useful and dispels the myths that techniques have no value, use or are there just for the sake of it.

Welcome from Chief instructor Tom Martin Renshi

The Doryoku Shotokan Karate Federation was formed in November 1997, by Tom Martin Renshi with assistance and support from club members. Since then, the Federation has produced some high standard students, National Champions and Black belts.

The aim of the DSKF is to teach traditional Shotokan Karate, not only following the direction set by senior Japanese masters but also developing training to understand the essence of Karate-do.

The DSKF has an open relationship with other major associations and Sensei, gaining a high level of Karate and development.